“Alumni” refer to those who have attended or graduated from a school, college/university, or in BSOP’s case, a seminary. “Alumni” is the plural form; the singular form is “alumnus.” Alumnus can refer to a male graduate, whereas the female form is “alumna” (plural “alumnae”). The Latin noun alumnus means "foster son, pupil" and is derived from the verb alere "to nourish". (“Alumnus”, Merriam-Webster Dictionary)


BSOP’s alumni can be categorized into the following:

1. Those who graduated from a degree or certificate programs offered in both English and Chinese tracks. Degree programs include: Master of Theology and Doctor of Philosophy (in conjunction with the Asia Graduate School of Theology); Master of Divinity (in Biblical Studies, Pastoral Counseling, Christian Education); Master of Biblical Studies, Master of Christian Education, Master of Pastoral Counseling;  and Bachelor of Theology. Non-degree or certificate programs include: Certificate in Biblical-Theological Studies, Pastoral and Leadership Studies, and Theological Education by Extension; and Diploma in Christian Ministry.

2. Those who attended for a pre-arranged period of time to take courses without acquiring a certificate or graduate diploma.


As a product of the Seminary, it is expected that BSOP alumni are fulfilling Christ’s Great Commission and serving Him in a church, parachurch organization, educational institution or mission setting. As Christ’s servants, they should reflect untarnished Christian character that brings glory and honor to the Master.


1. Membership in the Alumni Association (AA)

Those who graduate or finish their studies automatically become BSOP alumni. The Seminary Board and Faculty, in joint effort with the Alumni Association, host a welcome dinner for new alumni before the annual Commencement Exercise.

2. Voting for AA Officers

Every September-October the AA sends out ballot forms with nominees selected by current AA Officers. It is the privilege of all alumni to participate in this process and vote for the six officers who serve for two years.

3. Network through social media, email and the Internet

All alumni can sign up to join the BSOP Prayer Connect group in Face Book (under construction), where they can socialize with fellow alumni, make new acquaintances or re-establish contact with former classmates whom you might have lost touch with.

A newsletter is sent out regularly informing all alumni of the Association’s activities, programs, and updates.

Alumni can also access www.bsop.edu.ph to be currently informed about BSOP affairs and events.

4. Free publications

The BSOP in FOCUS is the official publication of BSOP that helps update alumni on the developments of their alma mater. It is also where alumni can get information on continuing education opportunities, as well as events that all alumni can take part in.  All alumni are sent a copy by mail. The Focus back and current issues are also available for reading or download at BSOP’s website - www.bsop.edu.ph.

Alumni also occasionally receive other publications from the Seminary, such as the 50th anniversary book Expanding Horizons, and letters from the President.

5. Reunions & retreats

A host of activities and gatherings are organized by the AA annually. Periodically, there are also Homecoming Retreats held in BSOP or elsewhere. These are great opportunities for prayer, fellowship and networking. During retreats, subsidized book sales are also arranged for alumni to avail of good books or media or software materials at great prices. Do keep a look out for our events announcements through email, in Face Book, or on the BSOP website.

6. Library services

All alumni can access some remote databases (e.g. EBSCOHOST for ATLAS journals and/or Religious Indexes) which the Library has negotiated for you. Library membership is not required for this access.  Alumni who would like to enjoy more library privileges, such as borrowing books, are encouraged to apply at a very low annual rate.

7. Discounted rates for use of BSOP dormitory

Alumni are encouraged to come “home” and stay at their alma mater for Rest, Retreat or Relaxation. They may book the BSOP dormitory facilities that are available at discounted rates.

8. Forming Alumni Chapters (AC)

Alumni living and serving in the provinces or in countries outside the Philippines are encouraged to form their own Chapters for prayer and fellowship.

9. Campus visits

Many alumni bring their youth or church groups to visit or for short stays at BSOP. This is most welcome and you are encouraged to get in touch with the Business Office for necessary arrangements.

Churches also use BSOP as their venue for camps and conferences, and many alumni are involved in these programs. This is also a good opportunity for them to introduce BSOP to church members, especially those dedicated to fulltime ministry.


PRAY for BSOP family and its ministry. Encourage your church and others to pray regularly for BSOP.

REPRESENT BSOP through godly living and faithful service to the Lord and to His people.

INFORM BSOP regarding potential students, alumni’s needs and other prayer needs from churches or the community.

SUPPORT BSOP financially; encourage your church and others to support BSOP.

MAKE DISCIPLES who can become potential enrollees in BSOP when called by God to fulltime ministry.