Registration at BSOP

Academic Load


  1. The minimum academic load for a full-time student (non-scholar) is 9 units per trimester. Scholars are required to take a full load of 12 units per trimester. Students are not encouraged to register for more than 15 units per trimester (maximum load) unless they are graduating students who need the additional classes to graduate.
  2. In addition to the academic load, students are expected to take non-academic units, such as Field Education and Mentoring. Each of these are worth 1 unit each. Full-time students must take 2 non-academic units per trimester to complete the non-academic units required in their curriculum.

Auditing Courses

Students may not audit required courses in their curriculum, as courses once audited may not be taken for credit. Required courses must always be enrolled as credit courses before they may be audited.
To audit a course, a student must first secure the permission of the Program Director and/or the Academic Dean and the instructor(s) involved.

Registration/Enrollment Process

At BSOP, registration and enrollment are one and the same.
The process of registration is as follows:

  1. Students will receive an email from the Registrar’s Office once registration opens. The registration period is usually 3 weeks but may be longer in the Summer. Included in the email are:
    • The Registration Form, including a list of the classes being offered for the upcoming trimester.
    • A reminder to pay unpaid academic dues from the previous trimester.
    • Information on the last day of registration and payment, which is 2 weeks before the start of the upcoming trimester.
  2. If a student still has unpaid academic dues (namely, tuition and miscellaneous fees) from the previous trimester, he/she will not be allowed to register for the upcoming trimester.
  3. Students who have been cleared to register may submit or send back their accomplished Registration Form to the Registrar. In case they need academic advising, they may reach out to the Academic Dean (for MA/MDiv) or to their Program Director (for AGST/ThM/PhD). Alternatively, a member of the Academic staff may reach out to them. Students will be informed as soon as possible if the subjects that they have selected are approved for them to take or if they need to make changes. Approved Registration Forms are signed by the Academic Dean (for MA/MDiv) or Program Director (for AGST/ThM/PhD) and by the Registrar.
  4. The Registrar’s Office will send the students back their approved Registration Form with billing for their academic fees.
  5. The student must settle the bill (in full or at least 50%) before the last day of registration and payment. Students in financial difficulty must email the Registrar immediately, explaining their circumstances, to arrange an installment plan. An installment plan may be approved on a case-by-case basis.
  6. Students who are not able to register and pay by the deadline may still register and pay up until the day before the first day of class. However, this late registration will be subject to a late fee of PHP 250. Students on an installment plan will not be charged the late fee if they have paid their first installment by the deadline. The final installment must be paid before the end of the trimester.
  7. Students who have paid are officially registered/enrolled and will receive a confirmation of payment and enrollment from the Cashier. They will likewise be included in the class list distributed to the professors before the start of class.
  8. Once a class has started, no more registrations will be accepted.

After Registration: Adding/Dropping Courses

  1. If a student desires to add, change, or drop a course following registration, he/she must first secure the approval of the Academic Dean (for MA/MDiv) or Program Director (for AGST/ThM/PhD) and the instructor(s) involved. An Adding/Dropping slip is available at the Registrar’s Office upon request and must be signed by the Academic Dean/Program Director and the Registrar.
  2. Courses may be added, dropped, or changed from credit to audit (and vice-versa) during the first two weeks of classes or within the first six-class hours. If done during this period, the dropped courses will not appear on the student’s Transcript of Records. They will also receive a refund for the course that they have dropped and will be billed for the course that they have added.
  3. Courses may be dropped until the mid-term week. However, courses dropped after the 2 week or 6-class hour grace period mentioned above will appear on the student’s Transcript of Records with a designation of “W” (Withdrawn). No refund will be given for courses dropped during this period.
  4. A student who drops a course after the mid-term week will automatically receive a grade of 5.00 (fail). No refund will be given for courses dropped during this period.