Two new Books by Dr. Samson Uytanlet

Life Under the Sun

     Life is not meaningless. Life “under the sun” is. We may try to find satisfaction in life by gaining wisdom, finding work, or acquiring wealth, but they can not fully satisfy. Although wisdom is still better than foolishness, work, than idleness, and enjoyment of wealth than being miserable in life, death makes everything null and void. No matter how much wisdom, accomplishments and, wealth we gained under the sun, it is only a matter of time when we will all die and be forgotten. Once we are forgotten, it will not make any difference whether we have been born and whether we have acquired and of these.

     In the end the only thing that matters is whether our Creator remembers us. If we remember our Creator before our days on earth is over, he will remember us for all eternity.

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 Vote Wisely

     Every election, we listen to the candidates give their reasons as to why we should vote for them. As believers, we should not only ask the candidates why they are the best among the candidates, but we should ask ourselves what should we be looking for in a leader. The work is not an endorsement of any candidate, but is an attempt to guide voters in choosing the best candidates during elections.

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Two new Books by Dr. Samson Uytanlet