Words from Dr. Joseph Shao

“Reaching New Territory, Sixty Years of Legacy” describes our thankfulness and prayer to our great and awesome God who is our Adonai Yireh (God who sees) from BSOP founding year to the celebration of her Sixtieth Anniversary.

We are thankful, too, to our Board, alumni, friends, and partners who are with us as we walk through paths of God’s righteousness.

Witness God’s steadfast love, as we recount His faithfulness through His blessings! God has given our seminary a strategic position, situated in the Philippines, with local and global challenges. With the population explosion in the Global South, we become both the sending nation and the receiving nation. As the world is becoming flat, it is much easier for all of us to travel to different countries and continents. With increasing speed of internet, multi-media facilities are now tools in the hands of God to do his ministry creatively and expansively.

Biblical Seminary of the Philippines has God-given task to fulfill. Come and dream with us! Come and walk with us! We have high mountains to climb, and deep valleys to tread. Nevertheless, with the Lord as our Shepherd, and with you as our partners, we will continue to fulfill the dreams that God has placed before us. Many significant works that God wants BSOP to involve in have come to our door steps. We heard God’s call, and with 60 years of legacy, we shall come together to reach new territory all for God’s glory!

Dr. Joseph Shao