Master of Arts in Intercultural Studies (Mission)

This program is designed for those interested in missions either in local missions, missions of the local church or cross-cultural / intercultural mission setting.

Academic Requirements

College Degree or its equivalent

Graduation Requirements

Complete 72 Units of course work

Core Classes (51 Units)
12 Units Biblical Studies
12 Units Pastoral Ministry
12 Units Theology
12 Units Intercultural Studies/Mission
3 Units Research Methods

Electives (21 Units)
12 Units Professional Electives
9 Units Minor Electives

Spiritual and Ministry Formation (6 Units)
Field Education (3 Units)
Mentoring (3 Units)

Each class is 3 trimestral units, except for Field Education and Mentoring which are counted as 1 unit per trimester

Professional Electives

Applied Anthropology
Asian Religions
Biblical Theology of Missions
Church Planting
Cults and Heresies
Cultural Anthropology
Contemporary Issues in Missions
Diaspora Mission
Urban Missions

See Catalogue for the Course Descriptions