Global Missions, Urban Missions

Dr. Juliet Lee Uytanlet teaches Global Missions, Urban Missions, and other mission courses in BSOP campus, Downtown, and Online. She is the former Program Director of AGST PhD Intercultural Studies where she also teaches Cultural Anthropology and Ethnographic Research Methods. She served as Catalyst on Diasporas for the Lausanne Movement from 2016-2018. She and her husband, Dr. Samson Uytanlet, serve on weekends at Gerizim Evangelical Church.


Master of Divinity in Christian Studies – Biblical Seminary of the Philippines
Doctor of Philosophy in Intercultural Studies – Asbury Theological Seminary, Kentucky, USA


Recipient of Johnson International Scholarship (2011-2014), Asbury Theological Seminary
Recipient of International Honors Society of Theta Phi Membership (2010), Asbury Theological Seminary


“Pride and Prejudice, Colonialism and Post-Colonialism in the Philippine Chinese Context: How IBS Can be a Liberating Methodology to Find the Truth to be Set Free” in Asbury Journal (2013).
The Hybrid Tsinoys: Challenges of Hybridity and Homogeneity as Socio-Cultural Constructs Among the Chinese in the Philippines (Pickwick, 2016).

Uytanlet, Juliet Lee and Godfrey Harold. “Mimic Me: Mimicry, Colonialism, and Christianity.” Pharos Journal of Theology, Volume 101, 2020.

Uytanlet, Juliet. “Hybridity and Chineseness: Finding Meaning in Theories.” In A Hybrid World: Hybridity, Diaspora, and Missio Dei, edited by Sadiri Tira and Juliet Uytanlet. UK: William Carey Publishing, 2020.

Juliet Lee Uytanlet, PhD