Asian Christian Theology
Evangelical Perspectives

Editors: Timoteo D. Gener and Stephen T. Pardue

One of our faculty  members Dr. Juliet Uytanlet was given the opportunity to contribute a chapter entitled “Finding Home for the Unhomed.”

Book Description

Asian Christian Theology provides a survey of contextually reflective, robustly evangelical theology for students to engage with the core doctrines of Christianity and their outworking in different cultures across Asia. The contributors of the chapters come from all corners of Asia to systematically examine traditional doctrinal themes and contemporary concerns for the Asian church. Ideal for use as a companion textbook in Asian seminaries and institutions, this book will also provide excellent further reading for those outside of Asia seeking global theological perspectives, and for those in contexts of significant Asian diaspora. Many excellent books surveying theology exist, but this book is a major step forward for students and scholars seeking to understand the dynamic environment of evangelical theology in Asia.

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Book Asian Christian Theology