A signed copy of The Hybrid Tsinoys: Challenges of Hybridity and Homogeneity as Sociocultural Constructs among the Chinese in the Philippines by Juliet Uytanlet is the giveaway from February 22 – March 7.

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Book review:

What does it mean to be a Christian and also a person shaped by a particular culture? And what if that culture is in fact a hybrid one, a dynamic mix of ancient but very different cultures? The first question relates to every Christian in the world–we are all ‘culture Christians’ in some sense, often without realizing it. In this carefully researched book, Juliet Lee Uytanlet examines the second question, cultural hybridity, through a study of Filipino Christians of Chinese descent. She discovered that most of the Christians she interviewed ‘see themselves as cultural hybrids rather than homogeneous purists.’ By careful analysis of her findings, Dr. Uytanlet presents insights that have wide relevance to the question of Christian identity not only in the Philippines, but worldwide.
–Howard A. Snyder, Visiting Director, Manchester Wesley Research Centre, England

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