It was during the week of ASEAN Summit (November 13 to 17,2017) in Manila that FEBC USA led by Dr. James Hwang and Teacher Tina conducted a five-day course on producing audio programs for social media at BSOP Campus. At the end of the five-day course, on November 17, 2017, FEBC USA turned over the Bowman Media Center to BSOP. It was dedicated for the Lord’s use as a studio room fully equipped to produce audio programs for social media broadcast.


The students’ reception on this class was exceptionally enthusiastic! They were so good and diligent! Teacher Tina and Dr. Hwang gave many assignments before, during, and after the class. Yet students have done extremely well.  The whole class was assigned into 11 groups with two students for each group.  They were assigned to select a program type from seven major types of FEBC programs, listen to sample programs, and learn from the actual program. Under the step by step instruction of Teacher Tina, who is a Program Host/Producer, all students were able to produce a seven-minute program, with opening jingle, music, background songs, two hosts both speaking in turns, main subject, closing, and some even with station ID.  They are still working on the final posting on a social media to get an extra credit.  All episodes will be available on Drop Box for all to access.  In the class, Dr. Hwang taught Biblical background for broadcasting and networking and hardware operations on how to record actual sounds into computer; Teacher Tina taught the program production.  On Friday, the harvest day, all groups have to play their program to the class for evaluations.  During the Friday class, President Dr. Joseph Shao, Vice President Rev. Anthony Hao and other Board members joined for a dedication ceremony. Prof. Lin led the prayer, Pastor Juanita Chan and Teacher Tina cut the ribbon, and Dr. Hwang presented the key to the Dr. Shao.


We pray that this studio and all students trained will be used by the Lord to produce many, many Gospel programs in coming years to advance His kingdom.  Dr. Hwang wish and hope to cultivate some Amoy-speaking speakers to record programs for Philippines brothers and sisters in the future!


Special thanks to Rev. and Mrs. Eddie Lo for coordinating with FEBC USA, working on this project relentlessly for about one and a half years, going through many hurdles, including carrying all the equipment, three huge loads to the country.


Praise and glory be to our God!

BSOP-FEBC USA Media Center Dedication