Airport Transfer form 機場訂車申請單

Reminder 注意:
1. Submit the application form at least TWO (2) working days in advance.
     請提前二天以填寫申請單的形式向行政處遞交申請 。
2. Administration Office has the right to cancel scheduled personal trip when Official or Emergency Trip is needed.
     Administration Office personnel will advise the affected applicant.
     如有公事或紧急情况 , 行政處有權利取消私人的申请 。並會告知受影響的申請人 。
3. Please advise the Administration Office if your flight is canceled.
     如果您的航班被取消,請告知行政處 。
Type "N/A" if not applicable
Type "N/A" if not applicable
Eg. 08:30 am
Eg. 12:30 pm