As June approaches, new school year is about to start. A good question to ask is, why choose BSOP for your seminary training? Whether as a full-time worker or as lay leader, here are a few reasons by Dr. Jean U. Uayan, first a student, then an Alumnae, and currently professor of Church History:

  • BSOP is situated in a very strategic location, a bridge between the West and Asia
  • BSOP’s training focuses on the head (academic), the heart (spiritual) and the hands/feet (ministry)
  • BSOP’s training is multi-lingual (English, Hokkien, Mandarin, Tagalog, Visayan, Greek, Hebrew!)
  • BSOP’s setting is family-oriented with an international atmosphere (Filipino-Chinese, East and Southeast Asians, Africans, Europeans, Americans, Canadians)
  • BSOP’s teachers and staff are GREAT! :
    God-centered, Christ-centered and Bible-centered
    Relevant, relationship-oriented and responsive to the needs of the world/Church
    Experienced in their particular academic disciplines and professional skills
    Always aiming to model Christ in and outside the classrooms/campus
    True to God’s calling, constantly striving to please our Lord and Master
  • BSOP is supported mainly by the Philippine Chinese churches and dedicated to supply ministers to these churches
  • BSOP offers well-rounded training in Master of Divinity (Biblical Studies, Christian Education, Pastoral Counseling), Master of Theology (Biblical Studies), Doctor of Philosophy (Biblical Studies, Intercultural Studies)
Why Choose BSOP for your Seminary Training?