Master of Theology/Doctor of Philosophy in
Theological Studies and Church History

The church is growing faster in Asia than anywhere else on earth. A growing church need pastors, and effective pastors need training. Has God called you to help train pastors by teaching theology or church history in an Asian Bible college or seminary?

Program Emphasis
This program will strengthen your

  • teaching skills, increasing your effectiveness in the educational ministry to which you have been called;
  • research skills, enhancing your capacity to apply theological insights to Asian problems and tell the story of the gospel in Asia;
  • leadership skills, boosting your ability to guide your school, church, denomination, and the larger Christian community—locally, nationally, and globally.

Program Design
The Th.M. track is a 36 credit hour program with a required thesis. The Ph.D. track, which usually builds on a prior Th.M., is a 60 credit hour program with a required dissertation. All courses are modular in format; most are worth three credit hours. Courses are one, two, or three weeks in duration. For three-week courses, the first week includes 15 hours of classroom time, the second week is spent in reading and library work, and the third week includes a further 15 hours of classroom time and a final examination, if any. If you wish to register for a course but do not live in metro Manila, you may avail yourself of reasonably priced dormitory accommodations and meals. For more information, consult the program handbook, a copy of which can be downloaded from this web page:

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, all AGST classes are held online and BSOP dorm is temporarily unavailable for the academic year 2020-2021.

Download Handbook, Guidelines and Procedures

AGST Handbook 2020
Guidelines and Procedures