On Campus Course Offerings

Module Classes 3rd Trimester A.Y. 2019 - 2020

Subject Faculty Date Time
Global Missions Dr. Juliet Uytanlet Feb 17- 21 09:00am - 05:00pm
Mental Health Issues Dr. Irish Lopez Apr 13- 17 09:00am - 05:00pm

3rd Trimester A.Y. 2019 - 2020

February 24 - May 15


Subject Faculty Day Time
Advanced English Mrs. Becky Williams Thursday 10:00am - 10:55am
Amoy Mrs. Ruth Yam Thursday 09:00am - 09:55am
English 1 Ms. Jane Lee Thursday 08:00am - 08:55am
English 2 Ms. Jane Lee Thursday 09:00am - 09:55am
English 3 Ms. Jane Lee Thursday 10:00am - 10:55am
English 4 Mrs. Becky Williams Thursday 08:00am - 08:55am
Global Christianity 3 Rev. Dennis Yam Tuesday 08:00am - 10:55am
Hebrew 3 Dr. Michael Malessa Friday 08:00pm - 10:55pm
Homiletics Rev. Anthony Hao Wednesday 08:00am - 10:55am
New Testament 3 Dr. Joel Williams Monday 02:00pm - 04:55pm
Systematic Theology 3 Dr. Joel Williams Thursday 02:00am - 04:55am
and Techniques of Education
Dr. Jane Chuaunsu Wednesday 02:00pm - 04:55pm
Urban Missions Dr. Juliet Uytanlet Tuesday 02:00pm - 04:55pm

Module Classes

Global Missions

Understanding Globalization
and World Evangelization

A study on the cultural theories, challenges, and issues of globalization and how these affect our understanding and doing of God's mission in our world today with special attention to the church's response and the task of world evangelization.

Mental Health Issues

A Training workshop for "paraprofessionals" or "frontliners" – teachers, youth leaders, pastors, and church workers – to handle emergency situations pertaining to mental health crisis and issues at the first instance.

Third Trimester Courses

Global Christianity 3

Historical Theological
of Asian Churches

A study of the history and theological trends of the Asian churches, with particular focus on the Chinese and Filipino settings. The historical survey covers the early up to the modern periods. Emphasis will be given to missiological, Christological, and other contemporary issues in theology.

Hebrew 3

Principles of Hebrew Exegesis
A study of the principles of Hebrew Old Testament exegesis with emphasis to the tools, methods and procedures of interpreting the different Old Testament literary genres through the study of selected passages.



Principles and Process Involved
in Preparation of Sermons

A study of the principles and process involved in the preparation of expositional and other varieties of sermons. This include proper extraction of the central idea from an exegetical study of the text and moving from the central idea to sermon outline.

new testament 3

New Testament 3

Letters and Sermons for
the Early Church and for Us

An introduction to the latter NT writings and a theological reflection on these writings.

systematic theology 3

Theology 3

Basic Christian Doctrines

A study of the biblical doctrines of Christ, salvation, the church, and end times. Christology deals with the person and work of Jesus Christ. Soteriology examines the themes of propitiation, redemption, adoption, reconciliation, atonement, election, justification, sanctification, perseverance, and glorification of the believer. Ecclesiology examines the nature, government ordinances officers, and mission of the church. Eschatology deals with the Second Coming, the resurrection, judgement, and the eternal state.

and Techniques of Education

An examination of the principles and theories of education with emphasis on the interplay between the teaching and learning process.

Urban Missions

Urban Missions

Be an agent of transformation
in the community

The class aims to help students acquire the basic skills in understanding a city's history, culture, society, structures, and people in order to aptly do evangelism and various missions and ministries, and to be an agent of transformation in their community.


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On Campus Course Offerings Third Trimester A.Y. 2019 – 2020